10th Annual Craft Fair Opens


500 Exhibitors Are Represented

The 10th annual Craft Fair of the Northeast Region of the American Crafts Council, now in full swing at the Rhinebeck Fairgrounds, is a beautifully mounted exposition of extraordinary crafts by more than 500 craftspeople working in Dozens of different media.

It will be open to the public today, Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nearly 1,500 buyers shopped the Fair Tuesday and Wednesday following a preview Monday evening for buyers, press and invited guests.

2 women artists skillful, original

Irene Clurman

EMERGING with jubilation from an era when “you paint like a man” was the highest compliment, women artists today are reveling in the freedom to incorporate a female sensibility into their work and to tap a fresh and previously dormant source of imagery and energy.

Although they differ sharply in mood and media, two one-woman shows currently in Denver galleries draw their strength and their uniqueness from this impetus to explore and express. Yet they are memorable not because they ride the crest of a socio-political wave but because, like all good art, they present original visions with masterful skill.

A Quilt is Built

Jean Libman Block

Floor, wall, and bed surfaces have timelessly challenged artists and craftspeople with blank space. The bedcover as statement, insight, or aesthetic experience is not new. The quilt, one of the oldest of collages, has been the foremost vehicle of expression. Variation in color, pattern, design, texture, fabric, stitchery, filling, and shape give free play to imaginations and skilled fingers. Revival of interest in traditional American quilts attests to our admiration for past practitioners of the craft.

America House Gallery

The New York Times Patricia Malarcher

America house gallery here is proclaiming its 10th anniversary with a show spotlighting the growth and development of American crafts during its decade of existence.

For “Ten: A Retrospective,” Betty Turino, the gallery director, invited more than 40 artists all represented by America House over the years — to submit examples of work done at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of that period.

The result is a show that collectively offers an informal crash course on the recent history of contemporary crafts. It is also a sort of family album in which one can watch early promises mature.


Providence Journal-Bulletin

art"HE,” A SLIPCOVER in unbleached muslin, is one of two such pieces by Elizabeth Gurrier of Hollis, N.H., in “Mid-Winter Nights’ Dreams,” an exhibition of contemporary crafts at the Brockton Art Center.

Art craft shop unique

Palisadian/Bergen Journal Eugenia Pel

The museum like quality of the crafts being displayed and sold in this Tenafly shop have made it a mecca for the discerning public.

The Yellow Door presents works of art which represent the latest development in the crafts. Its spacisous, simple interior is a fitting setting for its displays. It is located at 24 Washington Ave., the Main street of the community.

In this shop we find the work of dedicated professionals. Crafts are presented not as hobbies but as serious works of art. There are monthly shows with an, “art you can wear” exhibit as the next attraction. It is a witty, one-of-a-kind fashion expression by a group of weavers, fiber artisans, silver, and goldsmiths.

Art objects to amuse adults


A captivating collection of fanciful art objects for adult amusement is the Elements Gallery’s holiday exhibition, ‘‘Trinkets and Toys,” opening with an 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. artists' reception today and continuing throughout December. A visual delight, the show gathers 22 artists from this country and England who work in clay, fiber, wood, enamel and metal, including jewelry.

The toy works of New York artist William Accorsi recently honored by a one-man show, at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in New York City, include whimsical interlocking puzzle pieces and a nine foot balsa wood biplane with a full load of passengers engaged in a multitude of eyebrow raising diversions.

Artists make crafty cooks

The Telegraph Horizons Telegraph Horizons Editor Marilyn Solomon

They are talented weavers, potters, painters and artists in a variety of media, but can they cook?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Some of the best cooks in town are artists and craftsmen, according to Marilyn McCubrey, proprietor of the Nashua League of Craftsmen Shop, 147 Main St. She knows them both as contributors to the shop and gourmet cooks who can turn out a meal for of six or 60.

Bicentennial Exhibition of Crafts

Herbert F Johnson Museum of Art

Friends Newsletter

"The Handwrought Object: 1776-1976" is the Museum's featured exhibition this summer.

Nancy Press, the Museum's Education Coordinator and Curator of Crafts, has organized the show, which deals with hand made functional objects from New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Her purpose, she says, in the exhibition's accompanying catalogue, is to "illustrate ingenuity used in the creation of functional objects."


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